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Reminder Calling Services

call reminder service Database Systems Corp. (DSC) provides the technology necessary to send reminder calls to groups or individuals. Whether you run a church, business, social group or school, you can get reminder calls out quickly and at an affordable price.

DSC has been providing the latest technology products and services since 1978. DSC manages its own secure data and call centers while providing state-of-the-art products and services. DSC products include call center software as well as voice broadcasting solutions that are ideally suited for delivering reminder calls.

DSC can also provide your organization with phone systems that can broadcast reminders.

Include Personal Information In Reminder Calls

Personalized information from your reminder database (such as name, type of reminder, date and time, etc.) can be included in these automatic reminders. In some call reminder campaigns, different messages can be played based upon contact with an answering machine or a person and based upon the time of day.

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Register Group Reminder Services

DSC now provides an online signup for both non-profit and business organizations wishing to use our call reminder services. Signup is easy and free! Our competitive rates are affordable, even for the smallest calling campaign.

Using our new online signup lets you get started immediately with your calling campaign. Simply create an account and agree to our standard terms and conditions. Then download your list of phone numbers and record a message. We accept major credit cards and for as little as $25, you can begin calling. Its that simple!

Both emergency and non-emergency call reminder services can be provided by DSC.

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Sign-up For Individual Reminders

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