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Phone Broadcast Driver Test Appointment Reminders

drivers test appointment reminders Database Systems Corp. (DSC) has developed call center phone systems that are ideally suited to deliver automatic phone reminders. These can be appointment reminders including reminding students of driving test appointments.

The Problem - Missed Appointments

Driving test appointments can be scheduled days, weeks or even months ahead. The number one reason that an appointment is missed is because students forget about the appointment or forget the date and time of the driver test appointment. It is often impractical for the testing agency to notify all students personally of the appointment. Therefore, these missed appointments cost both the agency (from a cost and productivity perspective) and the student alike.

The Solution - automated call reminders

Our appointment reminder service can automatically send drivers test appointment reminders to students which helps reduce these missed appointments. With our appointment call reminder service, our phone systems can contact your students with a pre-recorded phone message that includes the date and time of the appointment.

driving test appointment reminder calls If the student needs to cancel this appointment, a simple touchphone response can be entered and the appointment can be cancelled automatically. The call can also be transferred to an administrator for rescheduling or routed to an outside third party, such as an after hours answering service.

Personalized information regarding the appointment (such as the name, appointment date and time, location of appointment, etc.) can be included in these reminders.

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Both emergency and non-emergency call reminder services can be provided by DSC.

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Other Appointment Reminder Services

Here are just a few of the other different types of automated appointment reminder services provided by DSC using our automated phone systems.

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